Matt Galliers

Matt Galliers

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m running as the Green candidate for the Harlescott ward in the upcoming local elections.

I’ve lived in Shrewsbury for over 20 years and I’m currently working in a couple of customer service roles within the town centre. 

Over the past year we’ve seen the COVID outbreak weaken both our national and local economy. Moving forward I believe that the pedestrianisation of the town centre is the best way to provide a necessary boost to local business while also reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. Of course, in order to achieve this we need to provide better bus services and cycle routes from the surrounding suburbs. If elected my primary focus will be on ensuring that Harlescott is properly connected so that local residents can safely and easily make their journeys into town.

Thanks for considering me as your local councillor and hopefully together we can enact some effective green policies to improve Harlescott and Shrewsbury as a whole.

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