Castle Ward

Castle Ward

Your Green Party councillors for Castle Ward on Oswestry Town Council are Olly Rose, Mike Isherwood and Duncan Kerr.

Duncan Kerr

Duncan Kerr has been a town Councillor for 8 years and is well known for founding the Hermon Chapel Arts Centre.

Enough is enough

The three Green Town Councillors for Oswestry Castle Ward, Cllr Mike Isherwood, Cllr Duncan Kerr and Cllr Olly Rose are standing together in demanding action to resolve a long-standing problem in the town.

Mike Isherwood

Mike Isherwood has represented Oswestry Castle Ward for four years and is the Chair of the Oswestry Town Council Planning and Development Committee.

Olly Rose

Olly Rose has represented Castle Ward since 2017.

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