The Green Party opposes any plans to build a road across the Severn Valley north of Shrewsbury:

We all need to move around, but how can we do it in a socially-just and environmentally-friendly way?

Climate change is the greatest issue of our time. It is a global crisis demanding a global response, but also a local one. We must all, individually and collectively, actively work towards ensuring that this planet continues to enjoy an environment hospitable to human life.

Sometimes, when we read about climate change it all seems a bit overwhelming. Vast areas of rainforests disappearing, oceans filling with plastic and becoming more acidic, wildfires, storms, and floods – what on Earth can ordinary people like you and me do to make things better?

Shropshire Council is planning to cut £405,000 from the local bus service budget. The consultation runs until 6 May 2019. A report will then be considered by Shropshire Council's cabinet on 22 May 2019.

On 14 May 2019 the Green Party launched version 1.0 of the Shropshire Green New Deal containing our proposals for a greener, more sustainable Shropshire.

Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party campaigners, along with many others, are opposed to Future Fit. Below are some of the details of why we think this scheme is bad news for Shropshire.

Shropshire Council proposes closing its services in 20 out of 26 children's centres and using the remaining 6 as family hubs. They state that this is due to both financial pressures and also to streamline services to be more effective.

Recently plans were submitted to build 52 new houses on Radbrook Fields next to Mousecroft Lane. Many local people and groups submitted objections to the plans.

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