Motions to Councils

Motions submitted by elected Green councillors to Shropshire Council or the various Town and Parish Councils in Shropshire.

Shropshire council is committed to supporting the ‘modal shift’ of travel towards public transport and active travel for both environmental and social inclusion reasons.

Shropshire council has recognised the poor standard of much of the highway network and is planning significant investment in its upgrading.

According to the Government over 2.3 million people suffer domestic abuse each year at a total cost to the public purse of over £66bn.

Concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere continue to rise despite international agreements. Whilst targets can serve a purpose, what has been lacking are mechanisms to drive down emissions quickly.

Shropshire Council has a recycling rate inside the top 50 in England (source:

In 2018, at COP24, the UK Government signed up to having ‘domestic institutional arrangements, public participation and engagement with local communities’ so localities can play their part in delivering the UKs ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Council recognises the urgent need to decarbonise heating and power in homes.

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