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Environmental Education Pack

Team Earth – an environmental education pack for children and young people aged 7-14

The Prime Minister has suggested that it would be a good idea for all children to study Environmental Education in the run-up to COP 26 in November. We agree – in fact, we think it would be good for children and young people to study environmental education on an ongoing basis, and not just in the short time before the climate talks!

So, we’d like to offer this project pack as an educational resource. It was originally written for home-educators, by a home-educating grandma (and retired teacher) who is also a member of the Green Party, so it’s full of activities to do as a family. But it could also be useful for all kinds of Youth groups such as Guides and Scouts, church groups, and so on. And teachers may find that many of the activities could be easily adapted for classroom use.

It’s copyright-free, so you can make as many copies of it as you need and pass it on to friends, family members and colleagues.

What’s in it?

Section 1: The Web of Life

Exploring the world of Nature that’s on your doorstep

Section 2: The Lungs of the Planet

Finding out how trees and other plants produce the oxygen we need to breathe, while locking up carbon in the soil

Section 3: Climate Change

Understanding what climate change is and how we’re contributing to it.

Section 4: Working for Team Earth

Discovering all kinds of practical things we can all do to work with Nature and to reduce our carbon footprints

Section 5: Making it Better

How do we want the future to be different?

Please note: This project pack is offered simply as an educational resource. Although the author is a supporter of the Green Party, the views expressed here are not necessarily a reflection of Green Party policy and this is not an official Green Party publication.

Download the pack here


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