Green Councillor Talking Sense

Green Party Councillor Julian Dean on the last ten minutes of programme below talking a great deal of sense about the need to tackle Climate Breakdown and new housing in Shropshire, including redevelopment of Copthorne Barracks in Shrewsbury.

Green Party moves to block Church Stretton housing plan

Objections have been lodged to the earmarking of two greenfield sites in south Shropshire for housing.

Greens object to proposal to build in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The South Shropshire Green Party has today (7 February 2019) submitted an 8 page objection to Shropshire Council urging the deletion of greenfield sites in Church Stretton which have been identified as sites for new housing.

Shrewsbury Greenfields land controversy - Green Party statement

“Our hearts are with the campaigners, but the Town Council is right to be cautious”.

Shropshire’s Green Party Councillors call for Local Plan pause and rethink

Following the news that work is still needed to get Shropshire’s Local Plan adopted, Green Councillors have repeated their call for a completely different approach.

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