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30th April 2019

Impossible to ignore million marching for the People’s Vote

Readers' letters | Published: Apr 5, 2019

I was a single speck in a sea of 1,000,000+ marching to demand a People’s Vote if, or when, Parliament reaches a consensus around a deal with the EU.

This may have been the single largest protest march in recent British history yet there was no sign of either Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, whose own constituency is just a few miles away from the starting point.

Did they have such vitally important other business they could not be there to speak to so many of their electorate?

The fact a million people felt impelled to travel from all over the country to make sure their ‘leaders’ heard their message is telling. Unfortunately, at a time of our greatest need, we are served by two of the worst political leaders . . . ever.

The hypocrisy of a leader bringing the same vote on the same deal to the same Parliament several times whilst stubbornly denying the electorate a second referendum is breath-taking.

Can the Prime Minister not see her deal is very different to what was promised at the June 2016 referendum? She claims a second referendum would be undemocratic. Why?

Rather – as her ex-minister David Davies has said – ‘a democracy refused the right to change its mind is not a democracy’.

Perhaps she is afraid a second vote will overturn the first. That should not stop democracy in action. In fact, it is Green Party policy to call for more democracy, starting with a People’s Vote.

This June, it will be three years since the referendum.

In that time three-years worth of young people – those who will be most affected by Brexit – have reached voting age.

They must be given the opportunity to have their say. A million people have marched and spoken. Theresa May would do well to listen.

Steve Hale Membership Officer South Shropshire Green Party

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