It’s been almost 2 years since the House of Commons declared a Climate and Environment Emergency.

A short animated video by CPRE explaining that road-building is failing to provide the congestion relief and economic boost promised, while devastating the environment.

This is the first in a series hosted by Green Party co-leader, Jonathan Bartley. The monthly series will amplify the incredible work being achieved by Greens around the country.

Green Party Political Broadcast, shown on 28 January 2021, looks at the work Greens have been doing to support their communities during the pandemic and how they're paving the way for a bright future ahead.

Shrewsbury North West "Relief" Road protest at Shirehall, Shrewsbury, 10 July 2020.

One year on from Shropshire Council's declaration of a climate emergency, what has been achieved?

UK General Election Environment Hustings held at Eastern Oswestry Community Centre, Cabin Lane, Oswestry, Shropshire on 4 December 2019.

Open Forum on the North West Relief Road University Centre, The Guildhall, Shrewsbury 30 November 2019

UK General Election Hustings held at Festival Drayton Centre, Market Drayton, Shropshire on 20 November 2019.

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