20's Plenty

20 is Plenty

Professor John Whitelegg, an internationally renowned expert on Sustainable Transport, and Green Party Transport Advisor, and Lead on Transport Policy for the South Shropshire Green Party, testifies to the prestigious UK Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety re the vital need for a national default speed limit of 20 mph on all roads currently set at 30mph.

Shrewsbury cross-party councillors join forces to launch 20's Plenty petition

A petition calling for 20mph limits on the county's residential streets was launched today by a group of Shrewsbury Councillors from three different parties.

Shrewsbury Green Party welcomes 20mph 'study area' in town

Shrewsbury Green Party welcomes 20mph 'study area' in town, but calls for more bravery from Shropshire Council.

Shropshire Green Party Councillor finds growing support for 20’s Plenty campaign

A new ‘20’s Plenty’ petition calling for 20mph zones to be extended across all Shropshire’s urban roads is finding growing support, according to its organiser.

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