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Shrewsbury Green Party welcomes 20mph 'study area' in town

8th June 2022

Shrewsbury Green Party welcomes 20mph 'study area' in town, but calls for more bravery from Shropshire Council.

Shrewsbury Green Party has welcomed plans for a 20mph speed limit ‘study area’ in the Porthill and Copthorne area. Consultation on the scheme will follow today’s decision by Shropshire Council’s cabinet. Last time locals were asked, there was 85% support for 20mph limits in the area so Julian Dean, the Green Party Councillor for Porthill, is confident that residents will show similar support this time. Whilst welcoming this, Cllr. Dean also told Cabinet he was concerned that much of The Mount is excluded and so special measures will be needed to keep that road safe.

“We have the evidence that local people want safer streets, and that lower speeds are the key. Just look at the number of ‘20s plenty’ stickers on the wheelie bins in the area” said Julian.

The scheme follows more than 5 years local campaigning, and a huge consultation on a low traffic neighbourhood scheme last Autumn.

“Support for some of the low traffic neighbourhood proposals was mixed, so I understand why we are going with a more limited but very welcome scheme. But Shropshire needs to be braver in trying out schemes like this. We know from other areas that once they are in place local support actually goes up. There is plenty of evidence that 20mph limits and measures to prevent through traffic in residential streets make areas safer and more pleasant to live in. They also reduce carbon emissions, because of lower speeds, less traffic and because people are more prepared to switch to walking and cycling”.

The Green Party has committed to continue campaigning for a county wide scheme. Neighbouring Radbrook Green Party councillor Julia Evans said “Progress on safer streets has been far too slow. It’s great to see this sign that things may be changing, but there are many areas across the town and county that can be made safer. We will continue to press for a town and county wide ‘20s plenty’ scheme and for measures to reduce short-cutting through neighbourhood streets”.

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