Green Party candidate welcomes Paul's Moss planning decision

Commenting on the news today that Paul’s Moss in Whitchurch has finally been given the go-ahead, Green Party candidate Duncan Kerr said:

NHS Future Fit

Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party campaigners, along with many others, are opposed to Future Fit. Below are some of the details of why we think this scheme is bad news for Shropshire.

Over 50 years worth of Shropshire hospital inpatient beds lost in a single year!

Shropshire 'Healthy Greens' show that the Johnson Government fails to ensure best care for Shropshire emergency patients.

Shropshire Greens respond to the Ockenden Shropshire maternity enquiry

Speaking today Green Party Councillor Julia Evans said “This report was more
shocking than words can express, and our thoughts go out to all the families
damaged by such appalling failures over so long.”

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