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In the room TW 432x240To get a Green MP we need to raise the money for a deposit and pay for campaign leaflets and literature for our volunteers to distribute.

Our fabulous candidate lives in the constituency and is already a committed councillor who works hard and gets things done.

The election is on the 16th December so it's all systems go to make sure we give our candidate the best chance and spread our message across North Shropshire.

Please contribute as much as you can to our Crowdfunder campaign.  If not now, when.


Councillor Duncan Kerr

Green Party candidate welcomes Paul's Moss planning decision

25th November 2021

Commenting on the news today that Paul’s Moss in Whitchurch has finally been given the go-ahead, Green Party candidate Duncan Kerr said:

“It is excellent news that this development has been given the green light but it has taken far too long and that’s meant too many residents have suffered in the meantime. The new premises won’t be open until Autumn 2024 so the problems aren’t over yet. The Dodington surgery closed in March and although it does an excellent job the Churchmere practice is going to struggle to meet the growing needs of the Whitchurch area until then.

"Over the last few years the MP should have been given this serious problem all his attention. We know now that he had other things on his mind. Residents of North Shropshire can do something about that on December 16th by voting for myself as the only local candidate who as a Town and Shropshire Councillor has had many years experience of fighting to protect and improve our health services through Shropshire Defend our NHS”.

donate and support us 454x162

donate and support us 454x162

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