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A Partnership between Local Government and National Government to tackle Climate Change

In 2018, at COP24, the UK Government signed up to having ‘domestic institutional arrangements, public participation and engagement with local communities’ so localities can play their part in delivering the UKs ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Active Travel and Public Transport Infrastructure Fund

Shropshire council is committed to supporting the ‘modal shift’ of travel towards public transport and active travel for both environmental and social inclusion reasons.

Almost 5000 objections to the North West Road

Today (9 March 2023) we had the good news that the government has postponed - hopefully for ever - some major road schemes.

Budget speech by Green Councillor at Shropshire Council meeting

Councillor Duncan Kerr, Convenor of the Green Group on Shropshire Council, made this speech regarding the Shropshire Council budget.

Carbon Tax

Concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere continue to rise despite international agreements. Whilst targets can serve a purpose, what has been lacking are mechanisms to drive down emissions quickly.

Decarbonising our homes

Council recognises the urgent need to decarbonise heating and power in homes.

Footway and Cycle Way Upgrade Ring Fence

Shropshire council has recognised the poor standard of much of the highway network and is planning significant investment in its upgrading.

Greens will call for cross-party working to resolve Shropshire’s budget black hole

At today’s budget setting meeting, Cllr. Duncan Kerr, leader of the Green Party Group, said “it’s time to unlock the potential of all our councillors and move to a modern committee system”,

Mike Isherwood speech in response to Just Stop Oil motion

Speech by Cllr. Mike Isherwood in response to the Conservative Just Stop Oil motion, Shropshire Council, 15 December 2022.

No light at the end of the tunnel from either Conservatives or Labour for Shropshire

Shropshire is once again facing devastating cuts of more than £60m to the councils budget.

Shropshire Council Category

Motions submitted by elected Green councillors to Shropshire Council.

Times are tough but Shropshire Council can make better, greener choices

The Green Group on Shropshire Council have today published their own budget proposals for the financial year starting April 2023.

Waste Minimisation

Shropshire Council has a recycling rate inside the top 50 in England (source:

White Ribbon Accreditation

According to the Government over 2.3 million people suffer domestic abuse each year at a total cost to the public purse of over £66bn.

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