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A Partnership between Local Government and National Government to tackle Climate Change

In 2018, at COP24, the UK Government signed up to having ‘domestic institutional arrangements, public participation and engagement with local communities’ so localities can play their part in delivering the UKs ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ in the Paris Climate Agreement.

In May 2021 Alok Sharma MP, President of COP26 said Collaboration would be a key objective of the climate summit

"Governments, business and civil society (sometimes called ‘non-state actors’ and including local government) need to work together to transform the ways we power our homes and businesses, grow our food, develop infrastructure and move ourselves and goods around"

Despite these agreements and statements there is still no formal relationship allowing a joint partnership working between Local and National Government on climate action. 

This Council resolves to

  • In this year of COP26 add our voice to calls by the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport& others for a joint local & national government Task Force to plan action to reach ‘net zero’ emissions. Such a partnership can set appropriate regulations, benchmarks and targets and create the much-needed long-term funding mechanisms to enable local communities and economies to decarbonise whilst remaining resilient and sustainable 
  • Write to Alok Sharma MP, President for COP26, the Prime Minister and the Leadership Board of the LGA informing them of our support for a joint Local/National Government Climate Change Partnership Taskforce and asking for one to be established as soon as possible.

This motion was submitted by Councillor Julian Dean and is supported by the Green Group.

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