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Zero Carbon Shropshire - How can we help?

Wed 13th January 7.30pm

Shropshire Climate Action Partnership has just published their Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan.

How can the local Green Party best help turn the plan into reality?


The Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan plots a pathway for the county to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and is a fantastic achievement for a group of volunteer activists.

However, without political commitment from Shropshire Council and real pressure on commercial and public sector bodies in the county to pull their weight there is a huge risk that this remains just a plan. Shropshire Council is pressing ahead with the North West ‘Relief’ Road and refused to back a recent Green amendment to commit to building only zero carbon homes from now on. Cllr. Carroll, the climate change portfolio holder, refuses to back the call for a new Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

How can the local Green Party best help turn the plan into reality? Does the plan chart a route that is scientifically sound, achievable, and fair to all in our community? This meeting is a chance for us to discuss the plan in some detail, and to consider how we can play the fullest role possible towards achieving its goals.

Green Party members only

If you'd like to attend please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance for the Zoom link.


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