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Route of the proposed North West "Relief" Road

Why the North West Road will ruin Shrewsbury

Wed 24th February 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Speaker: Emma Bullard

The proposed 'relief road' is put forward as a solution to traffic problems in and around Shrewsbury.

Far from being a solution, the road is likely to lock in problems for decades to come; from climate damaging emissions during construction and use to habitat and water source degradation. On top of that, it is unlikely to provide the 'relief' people have been led to expect. Yet there are far better tried-&-tested solutions to improve connectivity, well-being and safety on our roads and streets.

Emma Bullard is a longstanding transport campaigner in Shrewsbury; former manager of the "Cycle Shrewsbury" project and four times parliamentary candidate for the Green Party.

It is likely that the planning application for the road will have been submitted by the time of this meeting so this will be an important opportunity to consider the latest information and how best to campaign for better alternatives.

Pay what you feel - money raised will go to the Better Shrewsbury Transport Campaign.

Tickets available here.

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