Oswestry to plant 17,000 trees

Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party are delighted that Oswestry Town Council unanimously passed a motion on 11 September, proposed by Councillor Olly Rose, to aspire to planting a tree per head of population in the Oswestry area (circa 17,000 ) over the next 3 planting seasons.

Cabin Lane Ward

Your Green Party candidate for Cabin Lane Ward is Jemma Isherwood.

Cambrian Ward

Your Green Party candidates for Cambrian Ward are Rosie Radford, Luke Watkins and Steve Froggatt.

Cambrian Ward Category

Cambrian Ward.


Carreg Llwyd Ward

Your Green Party candidates for Carreg Llwyd Ward are Steve Watts, Gemma Cassin and Sam Chadwick.

Castle Ward

Your Green Party candidates for Castle Ward are Olly Rose, Mike Isherwood and Duncan Kerr.

Council commits to support victims of domestic abuse

At its meeting last night Oswestry Town Council made a commitment to support victims of domestic abuse.

Councillor urges Shropshire Council to clean-up Oswestry Bus station

Local Green Party Town Councillor urges Shropshire Council to do its duty and clean-up Oswestry Bus station

Councillors break the rules to prevent Green Deputy Mayor

Oswestry Town Councillors suspended standing orders to avoid electing Green Councillor, Duncan Kerr, to the office of Deputy Mayor.

Duncan Kerr

Duncan Kerr has been a town Councillor for 8 years and is well known for founding the Hermon Chapel Arts Centre.

Enough is enough

The three Green Town Councillors for Oswestry Castle Ward, Cllr Mike Isherwood, Cllr Duncan Kerr and Cllr Olly Rose are standing together in demanding action to resolve a long-standing problem in the town.

First Green Mayor in Shropshire

Duncan Kerr has been elected as Mayor of Oswestry and took part yesterday, Wednesday 27th May 2020, in the traditional Mayor Making Ceremony where he gave this speech.

Gatacre Ward

Your Green Party candidates for Gatacre Ward are Jay Moore and Sian Kerr.

Gemma Cassin

Community activist Gemma is well known it Oswestry who is following in a family tradition of service as previous relatives have been mayors. She says that

“Through the charity “Chalk” which was based in Leg St, I helped many local families faced with a host of health and social issues. The pandemic has made life very tough for local families and I want the Council to be more involved in supporting those in need”.

To contact any of our candidates, please contact our election agent using the contact form.

Georgia Stackhouse

Local resident Georgia says

“I’ve lived in Oswestry most of my life and now work for a small business as well as studying at University. I am passionate about creating a better Oswestry, helping independent businesses, improving the state of our roads and engaging with local people to understand their needs. I may be young but I’m determined to see the Council and the town progress”.

To contact any of our candidates, please contact our election agent using the contact form.

Green Councillors support local Businesses

Cllr Duncan Kerr, the Mayor of Oswestry, along with his colleagues Cllr Mike Isherwood and Cllr Olly Rose have been distributing a special business edition of their popular newsletter.

Green Party calls to revoke increased pavement permit charges

Traders and shopkeepers in Oswestry have been horrified to find out that the permits they purchase from Shropshire Council so they can place goods in front of their shops have been horrendously increased typically from £50 to over £300 a six-fold increase.

Green Party turns local views into a Manifesto for Oswestry

Town Councillors Duncan Kerr and Mike Isherwood have released the results of the 5,000 “60 second” survey forms delivered to households in Oswestry last year, and the Oswestry manifesto that has been prepared by the North Shropshire Green Party in response.

Green Party welcomes new cycling provision

Duncan Kerr, Coordinator of the Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party has welcomed the news that the Government intends to get serious about forcing Councils to make proper provision for cycling.

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