An Arriva bus at Cressage, Shropshire

Bus services in Shropshire

Shropshire Council is planning to cut £405,000 from the local bus service budget. The consultation runs until 6 May 2019. A report will then be considered by Shropshire Council's cabinet on 22 May 2019.

The Green Party oppose these cuts.

  • It will result in more car journeys and increased congestion.
  • It will result in increased emissions of carbon dioxide and other transport pollutants.
  • It will disproportionately affect those on low incomes who have no alternative means of transport.
  • It will increase isolation of rural communities.

Quotes from our Councillors

Olly Rose (Oswestry): "We are creating a Catch-22 situation where cutting bus routes (Shropshire comes out the third worst hit area in the country according to reports) makes bus travel less convenient and so encourages car use increasing pollution and carbon emissions. In my work I meet many elderly people who are now, through less bus availability, struggling to access their communities to shop or even attend doctors. Some continue to drive when they would rather not as they are otherwise stranded somewhere all day due to bus in frequency. Social isolation is already a problem and this will make it worse. It is right that we subsidise journeys so that those who are unable to or choose not to, can stay part of our communities."

Julian Dean (Shrewsbury): "Public transport cuts divide communities and even households, between those who can get around in cars and those who can hardly get around. Meanwhile the cars are clogging up our streets and damaging our world. These proposed cuts should be withdrawn."

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