'Draw your own conclusions' urges transport boss amid criticism over relief road 'benefits' Weblink

Shropshire Star, 4 September 2023 [Subscription required]

£71m being ‘wasted' on new Shrewsbury relief road Weblink

Shropshire Star, 17 April 2019

£71m wasted on Shrewsbury road scheme says Green Party

Following a report by Highways England last week which showed that its £317m pinch-point programme, which included the Dobbies roundabout in Shrewsbury, has increased rather than decreased delays at non-peak times, the Green Party has again stated its opposition to the £71m North West Relief Road scheme in Shrewsbury.

20 is Plenty

Professor John Whitelegg, an internationally renowned expert on Sustainable Transport, and Green Party Transport Advisor, and Lead on Transport Policy for the South Shropshire Green Party, testifies to the prestigious UK Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety re the vital need for a national default speed limit of 20 mph on all roads currently set at 30mph.

Action meeting on Shrewsbury North West Relief Road plans Weblink

Shropshire Star, 16 October 2019

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