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Stephen Froggatt launches campaign for Cabin Lane by-election

10th February 2020

Stephen Froggatt launches his campaign for the Cabin Lane By-election on the 5th of March.

Stephen Froggatt who lives in East Oswestry is the Green Party candidate in this by-election for a seat on Oswestry Town Council. The Green Party already has five seats on the Council and a growing support in the community.

Speaking at the litter pick on Wilfred Owen Green, organised by Green Party activists, Stephen Froggatt said “As someone who cares and works for the local community I am looking forward to meeting residents in the Cabin Lane Ward and talking to them about the difference that a Green Party Councillor can make. The ward has two existing Conservative Councillors so maybe it’s time for a change as it is clear to me that parts of East Oswestry are not getting their fair share of public resources”.

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