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Shropshire Councillors heap scorn on bring bank proposal

16th March 2019

Councillor Duncan Kerr, a former Shropshire Councillor, has criticised a decision by Shropshire Council to cut 120 recycling banks across the county in a bid to cut costs.

Councillor Kerr said: "We're quite appalled by this. It's actually been before the Town Council and councillors expressed opposition. It doesn't help recycling at all. They say there's been problems with fly-tipping, I'm pretty sure people aren't going to stop fly-tipping all of a sudden it there isn't a bank available to them.

"There's also many people who live in small housing or flats who struggle for storage space for their recycling and they want to do their bit, so they'll pop down to the banks, so I think they're a vital part of our infrastructure."

South Shropshire councillor Andy Boddington also commented: "With its thirst for saving money and disinterest in recycling, the council is planning to take away all the bring banks to save £237,000 per year. The cabinet meets to discuss the withdrawal on Wednesday [20 March 2019]. I'll bet my last empty recyclable baked bean can on the proposal being approved."

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