Julian Dean

Julian Dean

Julian grew up in Bridgnorth and returned to Shropshire in 2000 after 20 years in London. He has lived in Shrewsbury since 2006.

Many of the town’s musicians and live music fans will know Julian for his work as a concert organiser. For 10 years Julian ran Saturday lunchtime jazz seasons; these began life in the foyer of Theatre Severn and then moved to the Wightman Theatre, which has now sadly closed. Julian has also organised occasional ‘americana’ concerts with visiting musicians from the USA and Canada alongside UK artists.

For many years Julian was a member of the Shrewsbury Jazz Orchestra. He continues to play with several of the area’s best Jazz musicians whenever the opportunity allows. He has played on Shrewsbury’s streets as part of The Big Busk. “Shrewsbury has a wonderful arts and music scene, which has really struggled during the pandemic. I hope the town will support this talent in the months and years ahead”.

For many years Julian taught events management and music to sixth formers at New College in Telford. Prior to that he has worked as a homeless person’s officer in East London before moving to teaching in London secondary schools.

Since being elected to Shrewsbury Town Council and Shropshire Council in 2017 Julian has worked on road safety issues, particularly looking out for pedestrians. He also campaigns on environmental issues and has worked to promote young people’s rights at work.

Julian is currently Shrewsbury's Deputy Mayor.

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