Shropshire Green Party Councillor finds growing support for 20’s Plenty campaign

A new ‘20’s Plenty’ petition calling for 20mph zones to be extended across all Shropshire’s urban roads is finding growing support, according to its organiser.

Shropshire Green Party Councillors Push For Travel Shakeup

Shropshire’s Green Party group will propose a fully funded shift towards greener travel across the county at a council budget meeting this week.

Talk raises money for campaign to stop the North West Road

A talk hosted by the Shrewsbury Green Party has raised over £400 for the campaign to stop the North West Road.

The end of the road?

A short animated video by CPRE explaining that road-building is failing to provide the congestion relief and economic boost promised, while devastating the environment.

The UK transport policy menu: Roads, roads, and a dash of multimodalism Weblink

A recurring policy of predict and provide with regard to road space to try in any way to meet predicted demand undermines the effectiveness and viability of demand management (and hence voluntary behaviour change) because provision of more road space enables people to retain the habit of car use. [Warning: Behind paywall]

Transport Policy

Transport is a massive climate issue, in this final episode of our policy series we've tried to cover as much Green Party transport policy as possible under the frame of how our policies cut emissions and solve some of the social justice issues created by our current flawed systems.

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