Green Party calls to revoke increased pavement permit charges

Traders and shopkeepers in Oswestry have been horrified to find out that the permits they purchase from Shropshire Council so they can place goods in front of their shops have been horrendously increased typically from £50 to over £300 a six-fold increase.

Green Party ready to challenge North West "Relief" Road plans

Shrewsbury Green Party, together with our partners on the Better Shrewsbury Transport (BeST) group, is ready to challenge Shropshire Council's plans for the North West Road when the planning application is submitted this month.

Green Party to host public meeting on the North West Road

Shrewsbury Green Party is hosting a virtual public meeting on the North West Road called “Why The North West Road Will Ruin Shropshire” on Wednesday 24 February at 7.30pm.

Green Party welcomes new cycling provision

Duncan Kerr, Coordinator of the Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party has welcomed the news that the Government intends to get serious about forcing Councils to make proper provision for cycling.

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No Road To Ruin Shropshire Weblink

The North West Relief Road is a bypass for Shrewsbury that will link the northern and western parts of the town. It is going to cost at least £87 million and we will pick up the tab for any overruns. It will be a FINANCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER for Shropshire.

North West "Relief" Road

The Green Party opposes any plans to build a road across the Severn Valley north of Shrewsbury:

North West Relief Road cost cut by £7m after council changes Weblink

Shropshire Star, 2 September 2021

Oswestry Councillor applauds survey work on Central Car Park

Cllr Mike Isherwood (Castle Ward, Oswestry) made the following statement regarding the decision on 9th December for an engineering review of the safety, design and performance of Central carpark in Oswestry:

Oswestry Councillor calls for pay-on-exit car parking

Green Town Councillor Mike Isherwood is urging Oswestry Town Council to help the town get back on its feet by installing a pay-on-exit system at their main Central Car Park.

Oswestry Town Council objects to Shrewsbury Relief Road Weblink

Oswestry and Border Counties Advertizer, 29 April 2021

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