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Climate emergency declared by Shropshire Council

17th May 2019

Yesterday (Thursday 16 May 2019), Shropshire Council declared a climate emergency with unanimous support preceded by a lively lobby outside Shirehall organised by Extinction Rebellion.

In the Council meeting Green Party Councillor Julian Dean explained why an early date for getting to Carbon Zero is so important, and later argued for immediate action to put in place planning policies for Carbon Zero homes within the ongoing Local Plan Review. This proposition was narrowly lost but split the Tory vote with some Conservative Councillors both speaking for and then voting for the amendment; something almost unheard of in Shropshire! Despite the amendment not being carried, the council leadership agreed to look at this in the existing Task and Finish Group (another initiative resulting from successful lobbying by Julian). Thank you to all Green Party members who came to support Julian and the XR lobby.

You can read Julian's take on this in his blog post here.

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