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Green Party makes progress at all levels in European Elections

30th May 2019

The green message is beginning to get through. Greens made significant progress at all levels in the European Parliament Elections, more than doubling the number of Green MEPs.

"Experience teaches us that governments are only moved to take environmental problems seriously when people vote for environmental political parties."

- Final Statement of the First Planetary Meeting of Greens in Rio de Janeiro, 31 May 1992.


The Green Party came third in Shropshire, ahead of both the Conversatives and Labour, taking 13.1% of the vote, slightly above the average for the whole of the UK.

Full results here.


The Green Party gained its first MEP for the West Midlands region. Dr Ellie Chowns will now represent us in the European Parliament, the first time that people in this region have had green representation at European level.


The Green Party gained 4 MEPs over the whole UK and now has 7 MEPs in total (5 women, 2 men). The party finished fourth in the total vote, above the Conservative Party, the first time the Greens have beaten the Tories in a national election.

Over 2 million people voted for the Green Party in the UK, taking a 12.09% share of the vote.

Full results here.

Reflecting the proportional nature of the European Elections, the 12.09% of people who voted Green in the UK are represented by 7 Green MEPs, which is 9.6% of the total number of UK MEPs.

This contrasts sharply with the current UK Parliament, where 1.9% of votes were cast for the Green Party in the 2017 General Election and yet there is only 1 Green MP, representing just 0.15% of the total number of UK MPs.


The Greens/European Free Alliance (EFA) group gained 19 seats across Europe and now have 69 MEPs in total, making it the fourth largest group in the EU. Greens finished second in Germany and Finland and third in Luxembourg and France.

Full results here.

Read more: European elections: triumphant Greens demand more radical climate action The Guardian, 28 May 2019


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