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Shropshire Council avoids scrutiny of Local Plan

13th June 2019

Shropshire Council has come under fire from Green Party councillor Julian Dean for their decision not to put the final Local Plan Review proposals before the Place Overview Committee for scrutiny as part of the democratic process.

Julian Dean said:

"I can’t quite believe that we are being told there is no role for scrutiny in looking at Shropshire’s local plan review. That means there’s no chance for public consultation outcomes to be discussed.

He continued:

"I am flabbergasted by it quite honestly. We have the A-boards policy coming to scrutiny but not the local plan. Now I know that the A-boards issue is important to some, but the Local Plan is important to all and surely it is an issue that should be coming up in scrutiny.

"To quote the chair, we were told scrutiny would 'not add value' to the process. I am struggling to see how the enormous implications of the Local Plan Review, and associated policies, are not appropriate for scrutiny.

"I am also now struggling to see where the opportunities will come for members to consider policy changes that may be required following our climate emergency declaration and following the public consultation exercise, or indeed to consider just modernising the policies used when considering planning applications."

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