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In the room TW 432x240To get a Green MP we need to raise the money for a deposit and pay for campaign leaflets and literature for our volunteers to distribute.

Our fabulous candidate lives in the constituency and is already a committed councillor who works hard and gets things done.

The election is on the 16th December so it's all systems go to make sure we give our candidate the best chance and spread our message across North Shropshire.

Please contribute as much as you can to our Crowdfunder campaign.  If not now, when.


Councillor Duncan Kerr

Call for resignation of North Shropshire MP

27th October 2021

Shropshire Councillor Duncan Kerr has called for the resignation of Owen Paterson MP following publication of a report by the Parliamentary Standards Committee.

Councillor Kerr made the following statement:

"It is a very sad day when the parliamentary standards committee determine that for the last 6 years our local MP has placed the interests of the companies who employ him above his duties to the people of North Shropshire. The result has been a tragedy for him and for faith in democracy. The wisest course of action would be for him to resign rather than face the further ignominy of a recall petition"

Other political parties have also weighed in on the issue:

donate and support us 454x162

donate and support us 454x162

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