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Green Party statement regarding Owen Paterson resignation

6th November 2021

Residents of North Shropshire will have been aghast that when the country should have been focussing on the crucial climate negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow, the Government and the entire House of Commons spent many hours debating the misdemeanours of Owen Paterson.

In response to recent events, Olly Rose, Co-ordinator of the North Shropshire Green Party, made this statement:

"From the standards committee’s report it is clear that for many years he was paid more by two private companies than he was as an MP. Perhaps it is not then surprising that in this period North Shropshire has missed out on significant Government funding and seen services such as maternity centres and ambulance stations closed. We need someone whose focus is truly on the issues in our area rather than on their private interests.

"The population of North Shropshire deserve better than this and they will soon have a choice. This time it’s not about choosing a Government it is to choose a representative who will work their hardest to tackle the many problems and inequalities of our area.

"There will probably be several parties vying for votes, so I would urge residents to look carefully at the latest elections for Shropshire Council just six months ago. These elections saw the Green Party gaining two North Shropshire wards as well as 12 of the 18 seats on Oswestry Town Council. By comparison the Liberal Democrats lost the only Shropshire Council seat they had in North Shropshire and Labour was once again unsuccessful in winning a single seat in North Shropshire on the new Council.

"The evidence is clear, it is the Green Party that is making the fastest progress and can win elections in North Shropshire. Over the next two weeks the very active members of the party here in North Shropshire will choose our candidate for this election and I would urge residents to give them your full support. The Green party does politics differently, with integrity and democracy and holding regular surgeries and distributing newsletters. If you agree with us that it is time for change then come and be a part of restoring faith in our democracy and tackling the challenges North Shropshire faces."


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