Craig Emery

Green Party boosted as Labour's top-performing candidate joins ahead of North Shropshire election

7th December 2021

Craig Emery, Chairman of Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council, and the Labour candidate who attracted the greatest level of support in North Shropshire at the last local election, has joined the Green Party in what he described as a ‘difficult but necessary decision.’

Mr Emery said “Sometimes you get to the point when you realise something needs to change. I looked at the difference Duncan and the Greens had made on Oswestry Town Council and thought this is genuinely a party that wants to do things to improve the area I live in”

Craig continued “It’s not an understatement to say this election is so important, lots of Parties are trying to claim they have the ‘local’ candidate who was born and raised in Shropshire – frankly to me it doesn’t matter where you were born but what you do. Duncan is the only candidate who has a record of improving things for the people in North Shropshire.”

Welcoming Craig to the party, Duncan Kerr added “Many hard working community activists have given their support during the campaign and I couldn’t be happier that Craig Emery, who has an outstanding record on Sellatyn and Gobowen Parish council, is now joining us. I am sure he will be a huge character that will shape the future of our area. The Green Party is going from strength to strength in North Shropshire as people see that we aren’t just active at election time but work for residents all year round. There has never been a better time to join the growing number who realise that to get real change you need to vote Green.”

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