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Oswestry to have Green Party deputy mayor after all

11th April 2019

The dispute involving Oswestry Green Councillor Duncan Kerr has been resolved with Cllr Kerr to be presented as Deputy Mayor at next month's Mayor Making ceremony.

Oswestry Town Council issued the following press release on 11 April 2019:

Deputy Mayor Elect – Oswestry Town Council

The dispute concerning the election of the Deputy Mayor on Oswestry Town Council for the forthcoming year has now been resolved.

Following meetings between leading councillors it is confirmed that Councillor John Price will be proposed as Mayor at Mayor Making next month and Councillor Duncan Kerr will be presented as the Deputy Mayor in accordance with the seniority list of the Council.

As part of the discussions Councillor Mark Jones decided to decline the position of Deputy Mayor Elect for 2019 to help provide a resolution to the issue.

Councillor Duncan Kerr said “I am pleased that following our discussions a satisfactory and amicable outcome has now been achieved that now follows the long-established tradition of the Council of how it elects its Mayor and Deputy Mayor each year. The gesture from Councillor Mark Jones to decline the position of Deputy Mayor for 12 months is very much appreciated. The opportunity for discussions to clear the air, but to also recognise and accept a need to revisit how civic leaders in the future are elected, has been important. I would like to thank everyone that has worked hard to make this outcome possible”

Chairman of the Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee, Councillor Chris Schofield acknowledged the public interest in the matter and said “It has been pleasing to resolve this issue as Oswestry has many opportunities and challenges that demand the attention and combined efforts of all councillors. This matter is behind us and we look forward to the next civic year and continuing to work together for the wider benefit of the town. At the right time we will revisit certain of the procedures of the Council but at present other matters that offer opportunities and funding for Oswestry have a much higher priority.”

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