Owestry Town councillors celebrate election results

Oswestry Town Green councillors hit the ground running

11th May 2021

In spite of the rigours of running a high energy election campaign, which saw the Green Party winning 12 of the 18 seats on Oswestry Town Council, the newly elected Councillors have not stopped for breath but are turning ideas into action by ensuring that the priorities on which they were elected becoming the driving force of the Council at its first meeting on Wednesday the 19th May.

Cllr Duncan Kerr said “Many people think the Town Council can be rather slow. Over the next few months we hope to show the people of Oswestry that when you elect a team with ambition and passion then things can change. The new team has a great blend of local and professional knowledge and are all keen to make a difference. The first step is to focus the resources and expertise of the Council staff onto the priorities that the community endorsed at the polling stations last Thursday. As candidates we all learnt a lot from the hundreds of people who engaged with us on their doorsteps, via their keyboards or on their mobile. Our priorities have changed slightly as a result, for example we are now pledging to do more to consult and keep residents informed.  They will continue to evolve over the next 4 years as the town grows and prospers.

The motion detailing our priorities is attached below and soon we will be providing more details of how individual residents, businesses and community groups can become involved in building a greener, cleaner and better Oswestry.  

Motion to the Oswestry Town Council meeting on the 19th May:

  1. That the priorities of Oswestry Town Council over the next 4 years are as follows:
    • Reconnecting Oswestry to the mainline railway.
    • Making Oswestry Town Council carbon neutral.
    • Increasing the planting of trees and improving biodiversity.
    • Providing more youth services and facilities.
    • Working with other agencies to provide more affordable housing.
    • Developing more cycle lanes and controlling traffic speeds and getting pot holes filled.
    • Running effective campaigns, and taking direct action to reduce problems of litter, graffiti and dog waste.
    • Using the resources of the Council and urging Shropshire Unitary Council to use its statutory powers to get unsightly empty shops in the town centre re-let.
    • Forming an effective partnership with the police, community and youth services to tackle issues of drugs and anti-social behaviour in the town.
    • Investigating options for the development of a significant new tourist attraction for Oswestry.
    • Improving communications and involvement of residents in the work of the Town Council.
  2. That in consultation with Councillors the Town Clerk prepares and presents to a future Council meeting a Corporate Plan for 2021 to 2025 incorporate these priorities and reviewing the financial and human resources, structures and working arrangements of the Council accordingly.  

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