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Green Party to host public meeting on the North West Road

19th February 2021

Shrewsbury Green Party is hosting a virtual public meeting on the North West Road called “Why The North West Road Will Ruin Shropshire” on Wednesday 24 February at 7.30pm.

The meeting, hosted by veteran sustainable transport campaigner and Green Party member Emma Bullard, follows the submission of the planning application for the long-discussed Shrewsbury bypass.

The meeting will focus on how and why the road was conceived and why it is likely to prove ruinous for Shropshire both financially and environmentally.

Said Bullard: “This road is destined to be a total disaster for Shropshire. It will not solve Shrewsbury’s congestion problems and will actually lead to more traffic. Building it will generate tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions and destroy wildlife habitats, as well as seriously threatening Shrewsbury’s drinking water. This goes completely against the Climate Emergency that Shropshire declared.”

She continued: “Most of all, though, the road will ruin Shropshire financially. Shropshire Council is in dire financial difficulties due to the pandemic and buying overpriced shopping centres. But our council leaders have committed us to paying £28.5 million for the road as well as all of any overspend.”

The talk will discuss why the North West Road will fail to address Shrewsbury’s traffic problems, as well as looking at better alternatives, such as those put forward in the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan.

Said Bullard: “The road isn’t just an issue for Shrewsbury. Building it will affect the whole of Shropshire, drawing millions of pounds away from local investment in public services in towns from Ludlow to Oswestry. It is vitally important that everyone in Shropshire who is concerned about it objects against the planning proposal.”

The meeting is free with voluntary donations accepted for the campaign against the road. Tickets are available at

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donate and support us 454x162

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