Shrewsbury & Atcham

23rd May 2024

In response to the election announcement Julian Dean, the Green Party candidate for Shrewsbury said he plans to offer hope and change to local voters.

14th August 2023

Chris Lemon, Train Driver and Shrewsbury Town Councillor for the Green Party, discusses the ongoing strike action.

8th August 2023

Shrewsbury Green Party coordinator was interviewed in response to the UN Secretary General saying that "the era of global boiling has arrived".

3rd July 2023

Cllr Julia Evans (pictured) of the Green Party is calling on Shropshire Council to show real green credential by banning the use of Glyphoshates on Council owned land.

24th June 2023

Shropshire Council’s debut Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan has received a frosty reception from the Shrewsbury Green Party.

27th September 2022

“Our hearts are with the campaigners, but the Town Council is right to be cautious”.

8th June 2022

Shrewsbury Green Party welcomes 20mph 'study area' in town, but calls for more bravery from Shropshire Council.

7th April 2022

Over 100 local people were at a meeting at Radbrook Community Centre on Wednesday and protested about the proposal to remove the route 20 bus service in just two weeks' time. (22 April)

5th July 2021

A petition calling for 20mph limits on the county's residential streets was launched today by a group of Shrewsbury Councillors from three different parties.

9th May 2021

The Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party is celebrating after a ‘superb’ showing in the local elections with two new Shrewsbury Green Party councillors joining re-elected Porthill councillor Julian Dean.

8th May 2021

The Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party is celebrating today after a huge win in Radbrook, Shrewsbury last night.

23rd April 2021

Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party is renewing its calls for the planned North West Road in Shrewsbury to be cancelled, calling the project ‘incompatible’ with the UK’s ambitious new climate targets announced by the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

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