Julian Dean

Julian Dean to contest Shrewsbury and Atcham seat

1st November 2019

Green Party Councillor Julian Dean will contest the Shrewsbury and Atcham seat for the Green Party in the December General Election.

Julian has been a Shropshire and Shrewsbury Town Councillor since being elected for the Porthill Ward in 2017. He has championed a wide range of local issues both in his ward and more widely in the town. Earlier this year Julian published a ‘Shropshire Green New Deal’. This set out policies for affordable and sustainable homes, clean energy and better public transport.

He chairs a Council sub-group on road safety.

On being selected Julian said “As a Green MP I would proudly represent all constituents. Whether you voted leave or remain you deserve a final say on the deal with a Peoples Vote”.

Julian also spoke about local issues. “Shrewsbury faces two immediate challenges. Firstly, the Future Fit plan to close Telford A&E will increase pressure on the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. I have always campaigned for two fully functioning hospitals to serve the growing and ageing population of Shrewsbury, Telford and beyond. Secondly, I believe the case for the North West ‘Relief’ Road has not been proved. Like everyone else I hate sitting in traffic in town. But new roads aren’t the answer - in fact, they often make things worse. We should invest in high quality alternatives so that people can leave the car at home when they travel into town."

He added, "As a country our political system is broken. We need new ideas and a willingness to work together. Greens offer this fresh approach and I look forward to meeting as many people as possible to put forward our positive message.”

Julian can be contacted on 07939 121607 and you can follow him on social media at

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