Jamie Russell

Jamie Russell

Jamie Russell is an author, screenwriter and former journalist.

He has lived in Shropshire for thirteen years and has been involved in various environmental campaigns locally, including pension divestment, stopping the North West Road, and the campaign calling on Shropshire Council to support the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill. He was awarded a Shrewsbury Mayor's Award for his work setting up and running the Copthorne Mutual Aid group during the pandemic.

‘I joined the Green Party because I was fed up with seeing Shropshire missing out on opportunities to grow into the 21st century. We already have the tools to fight the climate crisis, but the current council leadership prefers denial and delay to robust action that will safeguard us all. We need councillors who are willing to embrace the transition to a zero carbon future, building healthier, happier lives and a thriving, sustainable economy that works for everyone.’

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