Mike Isherwood

Green Councillors support local Businesses

Cllr Duncan Kerr, the Mayor of Oswestry, along with his colleagues Cllr Mike Isherwood and Cllr Olly Rose have been distributing a special business edition of their popular newsletter.

Green Party selects Mike Isherwood as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Shropshire

Oswestry and Shropshire Councillor Mike Isherwood has been selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in North Shropshire.

Mike Isherwood

Mike Isherwood has represented Oswestry Castle Ward for four years and is the Chair of the Oswestry Town Council Planning and Development Committee.

Mike Isherwood speech in response to Just Stop Oil motion

Speech by Cllr. Mike Isherwood in response to the Conservative Just Stop Oil motion, Shropshire Council, 15 December 2022.

Oswestry Council demands halt to ambulance station closure

Oswestry Town Council has demanded the closure of the town’s ambulance station, planned for October 4, be stopped until a full public consultation has been held.

Oswestry Council hears local people's clear message about A&Es

Oswestry Town Council has unanimously agreed to request NHS health managers to reconsider their Future Fit plan.

Oswestry Councillor applauds survey work on Central Car Park

Cllr Mike Isherwood (Castle Ward, Oswestry) made the following statement regarding the decision on 9th December for an engineering review of the safety, design and performance of Central carpark in Oswestry:

Oswestry Councillor calls for pay-on-exit car parking

Green Town Councillor Mike Isherwood is urging Oswestry Town Council to help the town get back on its feet by installing a pay-on-exit system at their main Central Car Park.

Shropshire Council ‘act(s) against national equality aims’, promotes exclusion

The Council Strategic Licensing Committee has voted to permit exclusive display of the Union Jack inside Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles.

Shropshire Council to be urged to take stand against domestic abuse

Following powerful work by an Oswestry resident to highlight the problems of domestic abuse, Shropshire Council is to be urged to become an accredited White Ribbon authority.

Shropshire Greens critical of Council waste minimisation strategy

The Conservative Leadership of Shropshire Council is beginning to recognise that its indecision and lack or urgency are resulting in unsustainable environmental and financial damage.

Step forward for Oswestry splash park plan

Plans to create a splash park in Oswestry have taken a step forward after the idea was backed by Oswestry Town Council.

Triple celebration after ‘superb’ Green gains in Shrewsbury

The Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party is celebrating after a ‘superb’ showing in the local elections with two new Shrewsbury Green Party councillors joining re-elected Porthill councillor Julian Dean.

We are listening

Green Party Town Councillors Duncan Kerr, the Mayor of Oswestry, and Mike Isherwood, the Chairman of the Council’s Development and Planning Committee, are consulting residents to get a better understanding of their priorities.

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