Oswestry Councillor Mike Isherwood and Duncan Kerr show the 60-second survey forms and collection box

We are listening

10th October 2020

Green Party Town Councillors Duncan Kerr, the Mayor of Oswestry, and Mike Isherwood, the Chairman of the Council’s Development and Planning Committee, are consulting residents to get a better understanding of their priorities.

They explained:

“It’s not been an easy year for anyone. Whether you are worried about Covid, crime, young people, jobs or the environment we want to hear from you. To make it easy to submit your opinions we have designed a simple survey form which can be completed in less than a minute and then placed in one of our special green letterboxes in the town centre. Over the next few weeks we will be distributing 4,000 of these surveys door to door across the town. Copies will also be available in some cafes. We pledge that we will read all your comments and use them to direct our future campaigns which aim to make Oswestry a better town for everyone”.

The special green letter boxes like the one in the photo are outside Hermon Chapel on Chapel Street and the Shlurp Milkshake bar, opposite the Park Gates on Church Street.

Residents can also get a survey form and return it electronically by emailing Duncan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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donate and support us 454x162

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