Mike Isherwood in Oswestry Central Car Park

Oswestry Councillor applauds survey work on Central Car Park

12th December 2020

Cllr Mike Isherwood (Castle Ward, Oswestry) made the following statement regarding the decision on 9th December for an engineering review of the safety, design and performance of Central carpark in Oswestry:

"I'm relieved to have finally managed to get consultants appointed to carry out a detailed survey of the design, safety and performance of Central carpark, after the disappointment of the meeting in October which went back on the commitment Council had made to have this done.

"Local residents have been asking for this for so long, wanting facts and evidence which can then be used as a starting point to address some of the long-standing issues they face as neighbours of this site and which have been put off for too long. It might take some time but I think it is important that we get this right - especially where it concerns the safety of pedestrians.

"I'm confident that this is the first step towards a real improvement in safety, particularly at the exit, reducing anti-social use, and environmental enhancement to help this barren space make a more attractive and welcoming impression on locals and visitors to the town centre.

"Once we have the information we need I hope Councillors and residents can then work together to find workable solutions which make the carpark better for its neighbours and users alike and ensures that it remains the valuable asset for both the Council and the town centre that it has been for nearly fifty years."

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