Shrewsbury Green councillors after election May 2021

Triple celebration after ‘superb’ Green gains in Shrewsbury

9th May 2021

The Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party is celebrating after a ‘superb’ showing in the local elections with two new Shrewsbury Green Party councillors joining re-elected Porthill councillor Julian Dean.

Councillor Dean, who held his Porthill seat with an increased majority, will be joined by Julia Evans and Chris Lemon for Radbrook on Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council respectively. 

Says Julian Dean: ‘We have seen superb gains in Shrewsbury in this local election as voters have started to see the Greens as a true opposition to the Tories both here and across Shropshire. Key issues like the North West Road, overdevelopment and the lack of public transport options have resonated across the town. I am delighted to be working with Julia and Chris in Shrewsbury. I know they will make excellent councillors.’

Says Chris Lemon: ‘I have been part of the small team working hard in Radbrook for three years. I truly appreciate the sense of community and campaigning spirit of people in Radbrook and look forward to representing them on Shrewsbury Town Council alongside Julian.’

Says Julia Evans: ‘I’m so pleased to be part of a Green wave that has seen us winning seats across England. Thank you to our brilliant team of helpers across Shropshire. The community in Radbrook has been absolutely fantastic.’

The Green success in Shrewsbury is combined with key wins in Oswestry where town mayor Duncan Kerr took Oswestry South and Mike Isherwood took Oswestry West from the Conservatives.  Meanwhile, Councillor Dean looks set to become Mayor of Shrewsbury after Conservative Gwen Burgess lost her seat in Meole. 

Says Julian Dean: ‘After spending four years as the sole Green councillor on Shropshire Council, it is amazing to now be part of a county-wide Green group. We have seen a Green surge nationally. Here in Shropshire, we have already seen that a Green in the room can make all the difference. We’ve now quadrupled that. Expect to see big changes.’

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