13th March 2019

Professor John Whitelegg, an internationally renowned expert on Sustainable Transport, and Green Party Transport Advisor, and Lead on Transport Policy for the South Shropshire Green Party, testifies to the prestigious UK Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety re the vital need for a national default speed limit of 20 mph on all roads currently set at 30mph.

8th March 2019

The South Shropshire Green Party has today (7 February 2019) submitted an 8 page objection to Shropshire Council urging the deletion of greenfield sites in Church Stretton which have been identified as sites for new housing.

17th February 2019

Objections have been lodged to the earmarking of two greenfield sites in south Shropshire for housing.

31st January 2019

Oswestry Town Councillors suspended standing orders to avoid electing Green Councillor, Duncan Kerr, to the office of Deputy Mayor.

31st January 2019

Arms Fair In Birmingham - 28th March 2019

29th January 2019

Green Party Councillor Julian Dean on the last ten minutes of programme below talking a great deal of sense about the need to tackle Climate Breakdown and new housing in Shropshire, including redevelopment of Copthorne Barracks in Shrewsbury.

6th January 2019

Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party have condemned the actions of Conservative Councillor Steve Charmley, Deputy-Leader of Shropshire Council who has sought to curtail free speech by demanding the removal of adverts promoting Veganism from Shropshire buses.

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