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Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party candidates announced

10th April 2021

Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party has announced its full list of candidates for the local elections on 6 May.

The party is fielding a record 18 candidates for Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council, building on the surge in the party’s membership across the UK.

Election Officer Emma Bullard, who is also a candidate for the Bayston Hill, Column and Sutton Division, said: ‘I am delighted to announce a record number of candidates for the 2021 elections, and I am proud to see a 50/50 split between male and female Green candidates for Shropshire Council. It is also great to see so many candidates with a track record of campaigning on issues local people care about. More and more people are looking to us to offer a serious alternative to the business-as-usual politics we’ve been stuck with in Shropshire over the last four years.’

The Green Party saw its first Shrewsbury councillor elected in 2017 with Julian Dean winning in Porthill and taking his seat on Shropshire and Shrewsbury Town Councils. Councillor Dean, who is currently Shrewsbury’s deputy mayor, has been a beacon for Greens across the county since his election. 

Says Bullard: ‘Julian Dean has shown what a single Green councillor can do. He has worked tirelessly with colleagues across all parties to effect positive change in the county, including fighting for low-traffic neighbourhoods and safer 20mph area-wide speed limits; being instrumental in the motion to get Shropshire Council to vote to divest its pension fund from fossil fuels; and fighting to boost the local economy by retrofitting homes and reduce energy bills for all. Imagine what we could achieve with more Green councillors alongside him!’

The list of candidates highlights a broad mix of experience and expertise. 

Former NHS nurse Julia Evans is standing in Radbrook, having lived in the area as a child and trained at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. She has been a local school governor and a campaigner for ‘Defend Our NHS’. She and town council candidate Chris Lemon helped to set up and run a mutual aid group through the pandemic, and are active in the Radbrook community. 

Sustainable transport expert Peter Gilbert is standing in Castlefields and Ditherington. He has been very active in defending bus services from council cuts and arguing for more integrated transport solutions. 

Author Jamie Russell, who is standing in Tern, has campaigned on local issues including pension divestment from fossil fuels and stopping the North West Road. He helped set up and run a mutual aid group in Copthorne during the pandemic, which won a Shrewsbury Mayor’s Award.  

Says Councillor Julian Dean: ‘The candidates we are standing share an incredible wealth of experience and expertise. They locate the Shrewsbury & Atcham Green Party at the heart of local organisations and campaigns, from mutual aid groups, to local campaigns focussed on fighting the climate emergency and building a healthier, happier and economically fairer county for everyone. 

‘This list shows that Greens are the people who roll up their sleeves and practise what they preach by getting stuck into making things better at a local level. If they are elected, I know that these candidates will transform Shropshire. As our local manifesto says: ‘Want Better? Vote Green!’

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